Municipal and Special District Law

The attorneys at Casso & Sparks advise staff as well as elected and appointed officials on legal issues, including: public meetings and public records laws that regulate daily procedures; ethics and conflicts of interest; intergovernmental regulations; and other public law matters. We focus on one goal, helping our clients operate smoothly within an increasingly complex andchallenging legal environment. Serving as the city attorney and general counsel to such a wide variety of clients gives us an uncommonly broad base of institutional knowledge to solve legal problems efficiently and effectively. Our clients benefit daily from the collective wisdom and experience of our attorneys. Some of the legal issues on which we commonly advise are as follows:

  • Brown Act

  • Public Records Act

  • Conflicts of Interest, Ethics

  • Contracts and Franchise Agreements

  • Intergovernmental Relations

  • Revenue and Taxation

  • Ordinances and Resolutions

  • Bond Issuances and Financing Agreements

  • Public Utilities

  • Client Training

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